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GoMe Newspaper Chat

The “Where R U Uru” Newspaper team are holding an open chat this Saturday the 28th February at 6 PM GMT, hosted on our own chat centre at http://guildofmessengers.com/. Please pop along to the GoMe website if you want to take part or be a part of the Newspaper team, all are welcome. For time conversions please Click Here... Hope to see you there.

Go to:  http://guildofmessengers.com/ 

Search the right hand menu bar and look for the heading "Who's in chat" (At Home Page)

Note that to be able to see and use the chat, you have to login.

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Roadmap and Press Conference Announcement


We've got some good news. GameTap and Cyan Worlds have reached an agreement that would return the rights of Myst Online to Cyan Worlds! We're very excited, but at the same time, there are some hurdles to overcome. Cyan Worlds is currently operating at a reduced capacity. We're not in a position where we have plenty of resources and people to bring MO back fast and furiously. But we've got a plan, and we'd like to run it past you - our fans and supporters.

Please realize that this roadmap is tentative and dynamic - but it's a Читать дальше

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Rel.to - Directory, Shortcut, and Homepage

The Guild of Messengers is pleased to announce the public opening of Rel.to.

Rel.to is a Directory, a Shortcut system, and a Homepage for the Uru and Myst Communities. If you would like to know/learn about how it can help you, please read the detailed announcement at the GoMe Forums.

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Guild Structure: Update

Following today's meeting, the following appointments have been made to the GoMe Peer Council:

  • Guildmaster: Marten
  • Affiliate Chair: Lynnutte

With the Services, Liaison and Reporters' Chairs still TBA.

There is a two week window in which the general public can assess these appointments, and voice any concerns, after which the appointments are set for the duration of the term (exact length TBA)

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Domain Construction Alert

The domain guildofmessengers.com is undergoing an intra-guild transfer to make site updating more efficient. If you have trouble accessing the site in the next 24-48 hours, please just visit us through our secondary domain, http://rel.to/gome. Thanks!


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